Frequently Asked Questions

How much room do I need for the tent?

Allow a minimum of 4 feet around the perimeter of the tent for setup. That means if you order a 20’x20’ size tent, the area you want to have for proper installation should be 24’x24’. The highest point of most of our tents is 13’ so there should be no overhead obstructions in the perimeter of the tent up to 13’ high. We can install tents in smaller areas than that but please advise us so that we can be prepared when the crew comes, and if necessary perform a site inspection.

Can I have a tent installed on my deck or patio?

We do install tents on decks and patios, however due to the unique configuration of each deck and patio we must perform a site inspection.

Does my yard have to be level?

Tents can be installed on inclines, however you want to be sure you can use tables and chairs safely under the tented area. We suggest setting up a folding chair in the area you wish to have the tent installed. If you are comfortable with sitting on the chair in that area, then the area is usable.

When do you set up/ take down the tent?

We typically will call you on the Monday before your event and advise you on what day we will be installing the tent. We typically perform installations on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Removals are performed on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. We try to be very flexible so if you have any special requests please let us know.

Do you use water barrels to hold down tents?

No! We believe this practice is unsafe. In most residential installations we adjust the tent location, the tent stake location, or in certain situations use concrete weights.

In commercial installations such as parking lots we drill a 1” hole using a carbide tip drill bit and then stake into the drilled hole. Upon removal of the tent we patch each hole with blacktop patch. The patched holes are rarely noticible. WE WILL NOT INSTALL AN UNSAFE TENT.

Can you join together several tents?

Yes we can. Most tents can be attached. We utilize a rain gutter to attach the tents together so that no rain will leak between the tents.

Can we use grills under the tent?

Although our tents are made of fire retardant fabric, we request that you do not grill under our tents. The grills send off large amounts of smoke and grease which will be trapped by the canopy. This will smoke out all your guests and dirty the inside of the tent. For cooking purposes we do have smaller cook tents. Please inquire.

Can I use my fire pit under the tent?

Absolutely not! No open fires are permitted under the tents. This creates a dangerous situation and can destroy or damage the tent top.

Can you install a tent in winter?

Yes, we install tents throughout the winter. The tents can be enclosed with sidewalls and heated. There are many different considerations to be made with winter installations.

What is your cancellation policy?

To hold your reservation we require a 33% deposit. If you cancel your event less than 2 weeks prior to your event date you may forfeit your deposit. At our discretion, we can make exceptions due to family emergencies or unforseen issues. We do not make exceptions due to weather, good or bad.

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