Tent Accessories

We have a wide assortment of tent accessories and extras to fit any event!

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Siding and Drapes

Leg Drapes

Leg Drapes are a perfect way to add an extra touch of refinement to your event. At Valley Tent, our flowy white leg drapes come in 8′, 9′, and 10′ options.

Tent Liners

The underside of our tents allow for pristine tent liners for that extra look of extravagance! A tent liner will add a beautiful soft effect to your tent ceiling and cover the tent poles that are otherwise visible.


Our tent sidewall rentals come in solid, arch window, and clear options. 

Tent Doors

Doors can be added to certain tents depending on size and location. If you want a door for your tent be sure to mention it to your representative or when you submit online for a quote!

Siding and Drapes Gallery

Tent Flooring

Dance Floor

No special event is complete without a dance floor! We have a variety of options and sizes to choose from. Take a look at our teak, marble, and checkered floors. For a floor that stands above the rest, consider the Cherry Rose

Tent Floor Carpeting and Astroturf

Our black artificial landscaping (AstroTurf) and carpeting will create a comfortable, uniform look for your event.

Artificial Landscaping: $0.50 per square foot

Red Carpet and Stanchions

Our 4’ wide plush red carpet runner and stanchions add a touch of class to any event. We also offer retractable stanchions.

Stanchions: $14.00
8′ Red or Black Velvet Rope: $8.00

Stage and Riser

Every big event needs a stage! We have 12″ and 24″ staging available with optional stairs (with railing!) and skirting.


4’x4’ Stage Section (12” or 24” height) 40.00
2’x4’ Stage Section (12” or 24” height) 25.00
Stage Stairs (adjustable) with railings 50.00
12” Stage Skirting w/clips (Black) 16’ Section 28.00
24” Stage Skirting w/clips (black) 16’ Section 32.00

Tent Lighting

We’ve got all your lighting needs covered. Whether it’s LED lighting, bistro lighting, or string lights! We also have light lanterns for parties and chandeliers for formal events. For your larger tent gatherings we even offer exit signs! Whatever mood you’re trying to set – our lighting solutions will make it happen.

Temperature Control

All Services Include & Consider…

When you call for a quote you can rest assured that our event experts will treat your rental with the attention it deserves. We will ask you about your location, your guest list, and your dates to provide you with the best service at the best rate.

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